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Finally, no more Olympics…

Posted by andy on 26th August 2008

So call me un-American, but once I heard that we, as a species, needed to do sex-checks/testing on athletes, age checks, etc… I decided that the Olympics were really beyond saving, and therefore not worth watching at all.
It’s a shame too, as I used to like watching some of the events.  The running stuff, boring.  Javelin was ok (spear throwing, what’s not to like), gymnastics was incredible… but I gave them all up.  No more.

I tried to get excited for Phelps, but I couldn’t.  Glad he did what he did, incredible performance, but I didn’t watch any of it.

Just another thing as I get older that is removed from my life, either by force or my choice.

Well, at least now that they are over, my late-night talk shows are back on.  Robot Chicken reruns to fall asleep to were getting old…

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Busy weekend…

Posted by andy on 18th August 2008

Well, now that I’m back and somewhat back in the swing of things, I’ll get to a post.

The weekend was pretty busy.  Friday, headed out to the Hills to our family cabin for a weekend of work.  Hit up the races on Friday night.  Good racing overall, what I paid attention to at least.  No good crashes, which disappointed my little nephew Jamie.

Next morning, it was time to begin adding on another bedroom, namely mine.  Step one was the bad one… knock out a hole in the foundation.  That involved me, a sledge hammer, a hammer drill, and a flat bar.  Oh, and a lot of complaints from me.  Several hours later, it was all finished, and it went to floor joists, walls, and backfill over the next day and a half.

Then the fun of a 3 hour drive with my brother, who can’t sit still in a car….

Two weeks, I’m back out there again for more of the same…

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How can some people…

Posted by andy on 12th August 2008

…seriously complain about an outage of a free service?  Twice in the last month or so, I’ve heard repeated whining, bitching, and moaning about how people were inconvenienced or affected by the Gmail or Google Apps outages.  Inconvenience, ok, I can buy that.  It can suck to not have access to your email for a while, but if it is not your business email, it’s not that big of a deal most all of the time. STUPID!  YOU\'RE SO STUPID!!!

Now, for the real complaint:  People that base their business on a free product/service, and bitch when they can’t reach it.  Why?  Why?  Why?  Why is it that most of the people that say this allowed to write?  If you are basing your whole show, your livelihood on a free product/service with no SLA, no guarantees, no real support system, then I can’t feel bad for you at all when I see you in the unemployed line (ok, I don’t want anyone there, but you get my point).

Now, maybe I’m a little biased in that I work in a shop that has money… lots of it in comparison to many shops.  I hear $100,000 for a purchase and say “that’s cheap” on a fairly regular basis.  And yes, I expect some Linux/Open Source people to tell me that they do this “free” thing all the time, but that has a support system of sorts.  While I may disagree with the effectiveness of this approach, it’s still support.

Gmail/Skype, etc… and basing your show on this?  I’m glad you are… every time an outage occurs, it’s just that much easier to compete in the market, as you just eliminated yourself. Read the rest of this entry »

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