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Gotta love office politics…

Posted by andy on 16th November 2008

Well, by this time, I should be finished with the second phase of a rather large project, and be worried about the third phase.  But thanks to some political garbage involving funding, power, and agreements, I’ve had two weeks of “catch up” with no end in sight.  All members of the project were given cease orders from our side, so I’ve been cleaning up laptops, ordering new gear, documenting (yes, I do that often), and clearing my task list of a lot of stale items.

While it is going to suck when the project is restarted, as some will pressure this to be balls to the wall, ludicrous speed is too slow, I hope that the boss will reset the schedule as a punishment if you will… but I’m not expecting that entirely.

Best part…  I go on annual leave next week.  Starting at 5 PM on Friday, Nov 21st, I’m off until December 1st.   3 days of annual leave for 9 days off.  Usual trip to the Hills for Thanksgiving, dink around during the Black Friday (I’m usually done shopping by then), and do nothing for 3-4 days out there.  Not sure what all I’m going to do for 9 days with nothing to do (sleep comes to mind), but it will be glorious.  Might even throw another day of annual in there too.  Not sure if I need 10 days or not, but it could be fun.  The 3 day of annual leave works nice, as that only takes about 10 weeks to earn it back, which will require that I take time off during February at the latest or I’ll lose the time.  I love being maxed out.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news.  Found out a coworker/friend who thought he had his cancer licked his another primary spot.  From kidney to thyroid now…  Getting sick of the bad news on this front…  got a fundraiser going for him though, so that helps a little.

Hope to see Quantum of Solace this week if I get around to it…  but with some nephew watching, xmas shopping, and vendor dinner’ing to do (that’s a new word, yes), it will be kinda busy.

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The election is over…

Posted by andy on 4th November 2008

My tv can finally return to normal.  No more evil ads, no more random crap in politics, just back to normal…

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