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Teaching again…

Posted by andy on 24th March 2009

Just putting a quick call out to you fellow nerds/geeks/webheads and their wives…

I’m teaching another class coming up in June.  The class is titled “Getting More Out of the Internet”.  Objective is more or less to show my students a new side of the Web.  Shortcuts, “nifty” sites, guides, and other items in hopes of them having a better online experience.  Safety/security, alternative browsers, search shortcuts, web 2.0 sites, blogs/wikis, etc…

So what does this mean for you 9 blog readers of mine?  I’m looking for any of your ideas for your favorite sites…  Web 2.0 or not.  Something interesting that I could give a shout out about.  I have a short list of examples (keep in mind, these classes are taught for the community, so my average age is 40+ and not ‘net savvy)

Flickr, Digg, YouTube, Photoshop Online, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Twitter, Moodle, Audible, Blogs, Wikis, WebEx/LiveMeeting, Skype, Craigslist, Google Docs, Delicious, Karaoke Party

The list will hopefully be a couple hundred long by class time in June. has a lot of examples out there.

Any thoughts?  I got plenty of time, so if you come up with something, email, comment, trackback, irc, msn, cup with really long string, whatever…


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Not much happening…

Posted by andy on 23rd March 2009

Here I sit, on another day of annual leave (vacation) being taken to keep my total number of hours below the maximum.  I plan to burn 24 hours for the Larson/Smook wedding, and 24 more hours in November to build the 9 day weekend that I enjoy every year.  I’ve accomplished more than I figured, with the reassembly of my kitchen after the continued remodel this weekend, cleaned most all of the house, watched a few episodes of House, and will soon be heading to the store to make sure I have everything I need before the pending storm that will last all of 2 days.  In other words, I’m out of Coke :-)

The new machine is running like a champ.  Just need to finish adding some software, and maybe upgrade to Ultimate to play with the Media Center features a bit.  But I still can’t figure out how I want to get my ISO’s to the living room TV.  Thought about streaming via VLC, or TVersity or something similar…  Haven’t got a full plan made yet.

Also planning to get my VMware setup going before my trial runs out, just to play some old games.  Tried to find a deal on a TiVo again, apparently Sears has something in the flyer this week, but they have a big fail on their website.  Must be in store only.

Seems I will be needing to get to RC or SF to find a couple more things for my remodel.  Not sure when that will be though.  Wish I had a work trip that direction soon, but I don’t think I’ll be traveling for a while.

Oh, and I’ll be an uncle again by the end of the week :-)

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