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“No accidents…”

Posted by andy on 1st September 2010

…that’s what we have been telling my nephew for the past few weeks.  No accidents.  Can hear it in my sleep sometimes we’ve reminded him so much.

Where does this come from?  Well, my 4 year nephew never had any trouble with “the potty”.  Then, randomly, it started…  he just wouldn’t stop playing, and he would have his accident.  The opening day of this was 3 times in one day at day care.  He’s NEVER done anything close to that, not even during training.  But, he started to, and needless to say, it was annoying.

We decided to take drastic measures…  the reward practice.  If Jamie could go a whole week with “no accidents”, he would get to go ride go-karts.  Now, I had forgotten that there was a new go-kart and mini golf place being built here.  I was thinking of the place out in the hills by the cabin.  Well, he made it a full week (and more, good job buddy!).  And tonight was reward night.

I wondered about this place as I drove over the bridge, as previous attempts in the central part of the state were not really nice.  To my relief, this place was all new.  New karts, new track, new mini golf, new arcade games, nothing secondhand.  Karts were fast, track had enough slick to let you powerslide if you want, and they let you ride a decent amount of time for 5 bucks.  Not quite 10 minutes on our first set of laps for 5 bucks for a single kart.

I went for two tickets worth, and the rest of the crew did 3.  Jamie got his reward, and I used the time left in the last run for them to walk my 17 month old nephew around the mini-golf course and see the waterfall.  He’s a fan lemme tell ya.

Oh yeah, I’m in SF this weekend…  bowling anyone?  Mini-golf?  I really have few plans.  See a few folks, buy a book or two, look at cameras, get a cannoli, and that’s about it…

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