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“Twenty” down…

Posted by andy on 28th February 2012

In the ongoing battle that is my diet, I’m happy to report that as per the office’s official scale, I am down 20 pounds. Reality is a little lower than that, but hey, it’s a start. And I’m still as much fun to be around…. yeah…

To all of you high metabolism people… boo!

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New toy

Posted by andy on 4th February 2012


I typically don’t buy myself much…  I spend money in spurts.  I’ll buy a laptop, and not spend any money other than food and bills for months and months.  Well, I decided it was time to make a purchase.

Introducing the newest piece of my camera kit… the Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS II USM.  Canon’s sharpest telephoto zoom lens.  This lens, or its older brother the Mark I, is in the kits of nearly every professional Canon photographer.  Most that have the Mark I are upgrading to the Mark II, simply because they didn’t think Canon could improve on the original, but somehow they did.

I rented this lens back in Sept 2011 and put about 3,500 exposures through it.  Nearly every one of them that I didn’t screw up on was a keeper.  Simply amazing what this thing can do.  I took a couple photos that were sharp enough I could read the words on my shirt in the reflection off my subject’s eye…  crazy.

I’ll post some sample images from my copy soon.

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