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The Wedding, The Weekend, and the Week to Come…

Posted by andy on 8th June 2009

Obviously, this group of ours had an event this past weekend.  The Seth got himself hitched.  Lots of pictures, lots of miles traveled, lots of bad luck on the part of Midget in terms of travel, lots of good times, and a lot of alcohol.  Sounds about normal for us.  Besides holding the first annual “Toss the Midget” contest, which I believe Zombie Dan won, somehow I was convinced to perform a dance.  Looking at the pictures (taken with my own camera without my knowledge), it just reaffirms why I do not dance (and that I still have a few more lbs to drop).  Oh well.  Congrats to the Larsons!  And just wait for the fun I will have with the various pictures I took…  Sonja, you scare me :-)   For the rest of the crew seeing this, good to see all of you this weekend, and to the people I met for the first time, like those mentioning B, and L, and on F and the like, hope to see you again soon :-)

After that, during the trip back, as explained by Mike, somehow the group got me to go to a movie in the theatre.  The Hangover (Mike has the IMDB link, go there for it).  First time I’ve been in a theatre since The Dark Knight, and Casino Royale before that.  All in all, pretty good show.  Not sure it falls into the list of movies I can watch 20-30 times, but I don’t feel like I want my 8 bucks back.  I would take 3 though, as it’s only 5 to go to the theatre here.  Well, as that technically counts as my movie that I watched for the month of June, I should be covered for a while, but I actually watched a bit of Waiting tonight while feeding my nephew Alex (2.5 months old and starting to stand up if you balance him).  I might be covered for a while, but I will probably end up watching a few more movies this month.  Hopefully I can find something decent.

The week to come, well, I do have my first time babysitting both of my nephews at once.  3 years old, and not quite 3 months.  The 3 year old can take care of himself mostly, and hopefully the little, little one will be a good baby for me.  And apparently I have a bit of HIMYM to watch if I get around to that.  Need to get things setup to watch it on the main display in the living room via the 360 or something…  might be a Wednesday project.

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