After a fresh PeopleSoft install, we recently received the following error when attempting to run a COBOL SQL process:

Process Request shows status of ‘INITIATED’ or ‘PROCESSING’ but no longer running

This error is an indicator that COBOL run time environment is missing. To confirm, run the PTPDTTST process in PeopleTools –>  Process Scheduler –> System Process Requests. If you still receive the error above, then this is definitely a missing run time environment error.

If you have compiled older versions of PeopleSoft and have been using MicroFocus Net Express 3.1 or earlier, you would not have received this error. This is because in Net Express 3.1 SP1 and above, MicroFocus changed the licensing architecture.

Therefore, if you have installed a newer compiler,  there is now an additional component called the application server (also known as the run time environment) that needs to be installed in order for COBOL programs to run on the machine where the COBOL compiler is not installed.

In previous releases, the runtime was provided via DLL files. For the current releases, you will need to install the compiler’s run time once per machine (process scheduler and application server). If you host multiple applications per machine, you will only need to install the run time environment once as all of the environments will be able to share it.

Again, if you have access to an older version of the COBOL compiler (v3.1 and prior), you will not need to do anything extra. Simply compile the COBOL as usual, and move on.

If you are using a newer copy of Net Express, you will need to acquire the run time environment. If you have received a copy of Net Express from Oracle, you can request the unlimited run time license patch (ULP) when requesting your compiler license key. It will be delivered as MFLicense.exe (or in a zip file). Extract the files within, read the README and follow the instructions for the run time install.


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