In what continues to be somewhat of a family tradition, my immediate family gets together on Christmas Eve for a Christmas celebration. We seem to be on a two year cycle as we hosted in 2008 and 2009, and my younger sister hosted in 2010 and again this year.

Sonja had been on vacation in New York over the last week and was scheduled to get back around lunch time today. Unfortunately, with a series of cancelled and delayed flights, she didn’t arrive until late in the evening.

My family tried to delay opening presents as long as possible, but eventually needed to start so that my nephew could get going home. When everyone was done we were joking about opening Sonja’s presents and sending her photos of what she got and see how she would react…

Obviously this was to good to pass up, but we didn’t want to be that mean so we did the next best thing… we found random presents that she didn’t know people got and we each posed holding a different item. We then each texted her a photo saying “Sonja got a _____!” or “______ for Sonja!”

Of course she was on a flight during most of this, so she wasn’t going to receive the pictures until she landed. When she did finally arrive, she called and I went to pick her up. It was during this time that she received said pictures.

Amazingly, from the time that she called to me arriving to pick her up, her mood had dropped from happy-to-be-home to fairly depressed about Christmas. It was hard, but I played it cool and apologized for my family being so anxious to open her presents, and asked if there was anything I could do?

We chit-chatted on the way back and she cheered up a little. However, I could tell she was feeling bummed that she didn’t get to open her presents herself. She was no longer “feeling Christmas-y.”

When we got back to my sister’s house, we let her in on the joke. Suddenly a bright and happy Sonja returned! I think that made Christmas twice as good for her… even though she repeatedly told us all how mean we were. Best Christmas prank… ever.

Merry Christmas, Sonja! :)

I don’t want to waI was hoping we can push our update call to later in the week… say Thursday or Friday.


2 Responses to “The Christmas Prank”

  1. Sonja on December 30th, 2011 4:25 pm

    Yes, you are all VERY mean. :)

  2. andy on January 1st, 2012 8:08 pm

    Quite awesome… I approve.

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