I usually try not to leave the house on “Black Friday”. Not because I have an opinion one way or another about people having to work the holiday, but mostly because I hate the crowds and I don’t have anything in particular that I want from the sales.

This year was a little different though. Sonja and I have been talking about upgrading our living room television for a couple of years (yes, years). It’s a great 52″ LG LCD that we have had as long as we have lived in this house. It’s still functioning, but we have two new rooms that could use televisions: the office and the guest bedroom. We figured  since we use the living room TV the most, why not upgrade that and hand-me-down the living room TV to the office? That way we’ll get the most bang for our buck in terms of it getting used (and we like new toys).

I have been researching TVs off and on throughout the year, and two TV’s stood out, the Samsung PN60F8500 and the Samsung UN60H7150. The Plasma is a great TV, but it is now out of production and has limited availability (aka out of stock everywhere). The UN60F8000 was probably a better comparison to this TV, but the price was very limiting. The Samsung UN60H7150 is basically the “best” in the price-range and feature-set that I was looking for. So we did it.

Now, the main reasons I jumped on this deal:

All of these combined, I only ended up paying $158.88 for a $2,199.99 TV (retail)… and with it being Christmas, returns are extended through Jan 15 of next year, so I figure if I change my mind, no harm done. I have a lot of time to evaluate.

I got it home and it’s all set up. I think the picture is amazing, however it is a glass screen so I do notice a little more reflection at peak day time hours than the older LG matte LCD.  The trade off is a significantly noticeable improvement in picture quality (and size).  Sonja and I both agreed, it’s a good trade. Plus, the new LED TV is much thinner than the old TV, we’re both excited to get this bad boy wall mounted and clean up some space/wires.

So far, I think I’ll keep it.


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