I was a fairly fortunate in regards to student loans. I went to a state school, had a few scholarships, and had parents that were willing to help with books and other miscellaneous costs. However, even with all of that going for me, I still managed to accrue some student loans. Yes, I worked to [...]

The semester is already half over… which means today is midterms! Of course, I had a student that needed to stay late… which was fine. Well, until I got to my car and I saw the following: A pretend ticket… with no contact information. Looks legit… or something. Since there’s no number or address, I [...]

It’s that time of year again. Much like in the Fall, it’s amazing how fast the semester seems to have gone by. At the beginning of the semester, I was sure there was no way I had enough content to fill all the time. Now that it’s at the end, I feel as if I [...]

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