I have been using Windows 7 for some time now, over 6 months minimum. I first opted in as part of the ‘pre-release‘ program, mainly because it was free — and found out I love the new operating system. Windows 7 appears to have a lot of similarities to Vista, in the same way that [...]

With the recent upgrades, came a reinstall (or two) of Windows Home Server. Everything went fairly smoothly with the install after getting the memory configuration all sorted out. The only downside was, since I did the install via a Remote Desktop session, I was getting a strange “Mouse not captured in Remote Desktop session” message, [...]

Over a year ago I had purchased 8GB of G.Skill memory for my home Virtual Server. Unfortunately, I was never able to get the memory to boot properly. I tried tweaking timings, updating the BIOS, drivers within the Operating System. None of them really helped. I had a range of problems, including: Random Operating System [...]

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