Pizza Party

So tonight was supposed to be date night for Seth and I.  Ty (Seth’s brother) and Lindsey (Ty’s girlfriend) were planning to come babysit Tayden while we went to dinner and a movie.  It was a Christmas present that they gave us!  And it was probably one of the best gifts we got!  Babysitters get spendy!!! But anyway, the weather was not kind and it kept them in Brookings. :(  SO, the pizza we had ordered for them now became our pizza and we settled in for a night of good company, pizza, and a movie!  We thought maybe Tayden wanted to partake in the Pizza Party so we allowed him to try a few bites of it!  He actually wasn’t too crazy for the pizza and preferred to eat his peas instead!  (That’s ok by me!!)  After Mr. Tayden was in bed, Seth and I decided to watch The Change Up.  It was a pretty good movie.  LOTS of swearing (which I didn’t really notice the severity of until I was watching it w/my parents and realized it was quite bad!), but the message was cute!  Good thing we didn’t pay tons of money to see it in the theater as it was a good couch movie!

Fun Night!

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