Oreos and Milk

Tayden and I made the trip to Spirit Lake this weekend to spend some time with my mom and family while Seth headed to the farm to celebrate Grandpa Charlie’s 80th Birthday.  Seth had lots of fun getting a taste of what our house is going to be like in 10 years with more than one kid running around as he hung out with all of his little cousins!  Granted, we won’t have 5+ kids of our own, but take our kids and add a few friends and there you go!

Today Tayden ate a great lunch of peas, turkey, cheese, and applesauce so we thought it was ok to give him half of an oreo and he LOVED it!  He didn’t know what to think at first, but that skepticism sure didn’t last long!!

It’s Winter Games weekend here in Spirit Lake so my sisters kept somewhat busy with a few random activities including the Polar Plunge and a Volleyball Tournament.  We brought Tayden to watch Traci play and he LOVED running around the gym in between games!  He had no fear of the other players on the other side of the gym and would have joined their game if they’d have let him!  I sense we have a basketball player on our hands as he loved the court!

                           Future Athlete                              Grandpa Tim’s Hunting Buddy

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