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Tayden’s Bedroom

I finally feel like Tayden’s bedroom is the way I want it to be and here are the pics!


So, over these past 15 months, it’s taken a while for the animals to get used to Tayden.

Lilly has started spending much more time in the bedroom in her bed or under our bed. So she’s basically always out of sight!

Penny is always on the couch and watching Tayden.  She is either up and out of reach of him or she’s following his every move in anticipation of the next Kix or Cheerio drop or waiting for him to throw her ball.

Emma has created the most problems!  If it weren’t for the immense LOVE that Tayden has for this cat, she would run the risk of being in another home!  She showed her frustration for Tayden by marking her territory in the carpeted basement.  :-(   I found this amazing cleaner that has made it easier to clean, so that’s a plus.  The positive is that Emma is very patient with Tayden.  She lets him love on her and hug her and chase her and doesn’t put up a fight.  All in all, she’s probably the best with Tayden!  If she didn’t pee in my basement, she’d be PERFECT!!

My mom’s dog Dottie is pretty good with Tayden but she is still getting to know him so we watch her closely to make sure she doesn’t get to competitive for our attention with him around!


He loves to wear mittens and hats!  Inside, that is!  When we get into the car, they come off immediately!



First trip to the pool!

Today we went to the pool and I may have had a bit more fun than Tayden did!  He didn’t spend too much time in the water but instead sat at the edge of it and played with the little pumps spraying the water up!  We need to get him ready for summer though, so we’ll keep trying!  :)

Oreos and Milk

Tayden and I made the trip to Spirit Lake this weekend to spend some time with my mom and family while Seth headed to the farm to celebrate Grandpa Charlie’s 80th Birthday.  Seth had lots of fun getting a taste of what our house is going to be like in 10 years with more than one kid running around as he hung out with all of his little cousins!  Granted, we won’t have 5+ kids of our own, but take our kids and add a few friends and there you go!

Today Tayden ate a great lunch of peas, turkey, cheese, and applesauce so we thought it was ok to give him half of an oreo and he LOVED it!  He didn’t know what to think at first, but that skepticism sure didn’t last long!!

It’s Winter Games weekend here in Spirit Lake so my sisters kept somewhat busy with a few random activities including the Polar Plunge and a Volleyball Tournament.  We brought Tayden to watch Traci play and he LOVED running around the gym in between games!  He had no fear of the other players on the other side of the gym and would have joined their game if they’d have let him!  I sense we have a basketball player on our hands as he loved the court!

                           Future Athlete                              Grandpa Tim’s Hunting Buddy

Tayden’s First steps

This video was taken over a month ago on December 19th.  I was so excited that he was taking his first steps and was telling everybody that he’ll be walking by Christmas!  Well, he was able to take a step or two by Christmas but didn’t really walk on a regular basis until this past week!  So, that’s a little over a month later!  Check out this video of his First Steps Ever!!!

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Pizza Party

So tonight was supposed to be date night for Seth and I.  Ty (Seth’s brother) and Lindsey (Ty’s girlfriend) were planning to come babysit Tayden while we went to dinner and a movie.  It was a Christmas present that they gave us!  And it was probably one of the best gifts we got!  Babysitters get spendy!!! But anyway, the weather was not kind and it kept them in Brookings. :(  SO, the pizza we had ordered for them now became our pizza and we settled in for a night of good company, pizza, and a movie!  We thought maybe Tayden wanted to partake in the Pizza Party so we allowed him to try a few bites of it!  He actually wasn’t too crazy for the pizza and preferred to eat his peas instead!  (That’s ok by me!!)  After Mr. Tayden was in bed, Seth and I decided to watch The Change Up.  It was a pretty good movie.  LOTS of swearing (which I didn’t really notice the severity of until I was watching it w/my parents and realized it was quite bad!), but the message was cute!  Good thing we didn’t pay tons of money to see it in the theater as it was a good couch movie!

Fun Night!

Sooo Cold!

Aunt Traci was here for a visit to do some shopping and it finally got cold!  We broke out the mittens!  Tayden actually didn’t mind having them on, but they come off quite easily so they didn’t stay on for long!  I think we need in invest in those things that clip the mittens to the coat!

Running with Scissors

With Tayden beginning to walk more on a regular basis, I witness many falls!  I’ve noticed that he’s taken to carrying as many of his toys in his mouth as he can!  While I think this is super adorable, I try to limit how much he does it as I can only imagine what would happen if he falls while carrying those scissors that I always let him play with in his mouth!  I kid, I kid!  No scissors…

That being said, A walking baby is a more active baby, that’s for sure!  And he LOVES to climb, so that keeps me on my feet as well!  :)


So today Tayden was being pretty needy and grumpy and I had to get ready!  He didn’t really sleep when I put him down for a nap so I took a very fast shower.  Then I turned on the TV with some cartoons and sat him on the bed.  He usually never pays attention, but I thought I’d try.  He actually sat there for about 10 minutes!  I was able to dry my hair and do some of my makeup w/out interruptions!  Now, that being said, I absolutely DO NOT want to use the TV as a babysitter.  Once he actually starts watching TV and stops paying attention to his toys, I’ll have to think about how much TV I have on.  But as of now, other than this and like 2 or 3 other times, he could care less about the TV.  Let’s hope that lasts for a while!!