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Christmas Bazinga

While you may have read about the Christmas prank on Mikes blog, here are the events from my perspective.


  1. I love (love, love, love, love, love) Christmas.
  2. I hate missing family events.


  1. I woke up at 4am to travel to the airport so I could depart at 7am (and be home at noon).
  2. I spent 9 hours at the NJ airport before I got to board my first plane.
  3. After determining that I would not make it home in time for the an annual gift exchange, I instructed my darling sister-in-law to send me text messages of the festivities, so I wouldn’t feel so far removed.
  4. After an endless series of layovers, I finally reached my destination (it is now 9pm).
  5. Upon landing I receive the following string of text messages.


  1. All hope of salvaging this day is gone.
  2. Christmas officially sucks.

Timeline upon arrival in Sioux Falls:

  1. The airport tried to steal my luggage.
  2. Mike arrives at the airport to collect me and bring me to what’s left of the family gathering.
  3. He furthers my disappointment by siding with the in-laws stating they were bored and questioning what else would I have expected them to do?
  4. I declare I am no longer in the holiday spirit.
  5. Upon arrival to the family gathering I am informed this was all a hoax and they did not, in-fact, open my presents on my behalf.

Final conclusion:

  1. My family is comprised of a bunch of bungholes.

Merry Christmas.

~ by sonja on December 24, 2011.

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