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A few months ago, Mike and I were having a discussion regarding family heirlooms and how they have begun to slip away from our generation.

This discussion sparked from the recent passing of our grandparents.  For him, a grandfather and for me, my last grandparent; grandma Rosie.  Not a happy beginning to a Christmas post, I know, but I’m setting the scene…

This year my mom spent the holiday in town and came over Christmas day.  She brought along with her a nativity full of gifts for our exchange.  Since the nativity was unwrapped, I had an inkling of what was in store for me.  However, I did not realize it would be so sentimental in nature.

She wrapped each piece individually, and as I opened them, she told me the story of how my grandfather bought a single piece each year.  Each is hand crafted and truly beautiful.  I’m not sure how many pieces are available in the collection, I know there are more than I have, but at some point my grandparents must have elected that ‘their’ set was complete.

Inside the nativity my mom tucked away a few pictures of my grandparents and one of the nativity scene, set out in their home.  I can’t explain how precious it is.  All I know, is I will do my due diligence to keep it safe so that I may one day pass it along to my hypothetical children.

~ by sonja on December 25, 2011.

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