Sunday Bloody Sunday

February 16, 2009

Jammed my ring finger pretty bad a couple weeks ago playing monday night basketball. Still feel some pain in the joint whenever it’s stressed at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if the bone in the joint is fractured in some way. Suppose I should find an orthopedic place and get it checked out. I doubt it’s fully broken, I’ve done that before, and this isn’t really in the same league.

I didn’t run today.

Sci-fi Saturday

February 14, 2009

Just another 1 word movie title Sci-fi Saturday.

I didn’t run today. :(

Even Rats

February 13, 2009

Even the rats know that trouble’s gonna come. To the edge of the city see the little guys run.

I don’t write much here since I don’t believe in wasting your time, but ultimately I guess if you don’t value your time I shouldn’t either [nsfw audio] and I’m feeling bored and mildly reflective (beyond the normal light bouncing most objects do to form colors).

I’m hour capped for vacation accrual as of February 6th. I’ll let you daydream about my social life to be hour capped after just 4 years when my accrual rate required at minimum 2.5 years to pull that off. Jeff suggested I take June off, or at least celebrate all of International Dan Week since International Dan Day falls on the weekend this year. I better figure something out. My new accrual rate will refill any spent hours in almost 1/2 that time since I’m now in my 5th year working in Mitchell.

The problem being that I’m basically in charge of implementation for the COO’s pet project at work, tentative (phase 1) go live Q1 2009. That doesn’t really leave a lot of time for vacations. Maybe after P1 is out the door and stable…

It’s job security I guess, though I don’t really want or need any more of that. They’re doing construction at work right next to my office until April. The word of the day was paint thinner.

2 days from S.A.D. Have you decided how you’re going to celebrate your Hallmark Holiday? However you do, please remember to boycott American Greetings. Maybe waste 5 minutes of your day to bother to write one by hand?

I went to Push last week with Sonja, Mike, and Kwen. It was entertaining no-brain popcorn fare, which was disappointing, because it could have easily been a smart cyberpunkish story. I then proceeded to beat Mirror’s Edge, which was the most fun I’ve had playing a solo game since Portal.

I didn’t run today. :(