The Snowball Rolls Downhill

March 18, 2009

Title is in relation to work. I’m going to avoid talking about it here, but feel free to ask me my opinions in person.

Here, have a giggle if you’re not my friend on reader: also… why aren’t you my friend on reader?

Mildly Interesting post over here:

Did you miss me for the month I didn’t post? Sadly I didn’t run (other than 1-2 basketball games) the entire time. That’s really pretty pathetic. There was a point in time where I ran for hours 6 days a week. I think that had something to do with level of effort. I had a free basketball court 50 feet from my room and free treadmills/weights less than a block away. To run daily now requires a 10 minute drive each way after work and a gym membership. (Winter the sidewalks are covered in ice more often than not, and in summer Mitchell is basically a swamp, so bugs are a major concern.)

If I’m not going to leave Mitchell in the next 5 years I should be house shopping right now. That’s a hard call, my job offers decent pay and benefits and I’d be hard pressed to find another one in state that would give me the same freedom and responsibility. On the flip side, Mitchell is not a great place to be 28 and single and I don’t enjoy writing financial software. Also my apartment is cheap and a pretty nice place most of the time.