May 12, 2009

Escalation is the name of the game.

As I tried to explain to Sonja the other night after Star Trek, a grudge list is a horrible thing that only encourages greater and greater acts against the listmaker. The problem comes in that every single minor grievance that could be imagined gets put on the list. Well pretty soon an opportunity arises to construct a slightly larger grievance. Where before “I” would have let it slide as too evil to do, now I compare it to the list, find it as relatively minor compared to the sum total of the list, and do it.

I suppose I should be happy, I’m getting the inside line on every little thing that annoys women (or at least ‘Sonjas’) ((that’s going on the list)). PS check my links. ->


BBC has all the cool stuff.

May 9, 2009

Also, Star Trek was awesome, the Iron Man of 2009 as I said, and I’m supposed to make fun of Seth for not going apparently.

I suppose I should explain the Iron Man comment. Iron Man was the first big summer blockbuster of 2008. It received very high Metacritic and RT scores (much higher than many of us expected). It made $300 million domestic. It was a fun action movie, and had a plot and characters worth caring about. A year later, very few people would consider it the best movie of 2008, but many will look back fondly and look towards the next one with anticipation. Copy paste this paragraph, replace Iron Man with Star Trek and 2008 with 2009 and you have my feelings on Star Trek.

I’m a bit under the weather (65 degree days and light sprinkles apparently get to me…) but the next 2 weeks will be the busiest of my working year this year most likely. Wish me luck, and hopefully I’ll actually be free to enjoy life again by June.

Anyone want to take a vacation this summer?