March 17, 2010

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HIMYM parodies truth a little too close some days.
June 8, 2009
March 17, 2010
Q4 2011.

I think the J is silent.

March 17, 2010

Here is a 2010 running update for the 1 of you that care:

I’m currently in what should be week 9 of the couch-to-5k plan. In reality I’m repeating week 5 or 6 for the 4th time. But I have been mostly good with keeping to a 3 day a week schedule, and finally managed to run 20 minutes consecutively last night. Unfortunately I’ve had to slow down from 6mph to 5mph to increase my duration. Current goals are to continue with at least 3 runs a week until I can run 30minutes nonstop, and then work up to 6mph for that entire time.

2010 mileage (includes walking) so far (after 2nd run of week 9): 54.85 miles

Last week: 8.05 miles

Currently watching: Season 2 of ‘Whose Line is it Anyway’

It’s been really nice having a treadmill for this. I probably won’t bother to go outside to run until I want to start working on sprints. (Which is the goal after hitting the 3 miles in 30minutes pace.)

I should probably go for new running shoes soon though, it would be nice to have 2 pairs when I move to running more than every other day.

Thinking of getting an ipod for running and work now that I can at least modestly compete with some of the other doot dooters on mileage.