May 4, 2010

April was a good month for the running goals. Passed 100 miles, finished the couch-to-5k. Ran ~5 miles in one run.

I was able to start running outside, which has been outstanding so far. It is amazing how much easier it is to run out there than on my el-cheapo treadmill. I’m sure at least some of that is due to the great company of Sonja, Seth, and Zach though, even if they do need a little nudge sometimes to get them out doors on these cold / gloomy April days.

Also got to check out the disc golf course at Tut Hill, which is a lot of fun. I haven’t completely forgotten how to throw a disc, though I don’t think I’ll be able to overthrow every hole here like I eventually could in Madison / Mitchell.

Running and work, that’s about all I have going on here. How about you?