September 25, 2010

I picked up an ONKYO TX-NR808.

This replaces my ONKYO TX-SR804 which I originally had no plans of upgrading from for another 5 years at least. Unfortunately something happened with my 804 and the main 7.1 zone, along with all digital inputs, is currently dead.

Front View

My old TX-SR804

The front panel works, and Zone 2 works (with analog inputs of course) but it is pretty much useless as a main AV receiver now.

The 808 has a ton of features (ONKYO is a very “feature focused” company), most of which I don’t care about. Front USB port ipod audio without having to buy a $100 dock is one of the few I was pleasantly surprised existed. The on screen display has also advanced a long way since the one my 804 had (which basically took over an HDMI signal with it’s own menu). The 808 has fancy translucent menus and an on screen volume bar.

More importantly it has a nicer auto speaker setup system (it takes microphone readings at 3-6 locations and then decides your appropriate starting speaker settings for you) and some pretty fancy ‘constant volume’ settings that supposedly actually do a good job of both keeping dialogue clear and audible and toning down explosions. Also going from 2 HDMI inputs to 6 will be nice, though the rate that fiber optic audio connections are disappearing is mildly disheartening.

Front View

The new TX-NR808

I haven’t actually gotten to use it at all really yet, as I’ve been out of town on work. (Also my x-box went all RRoD on me.)

I’ll write another post when I figure out exactly how I’m going to re-wire and set everything up semi permanently. I do know I’m switching all my speaker wire to banana plug ends, since I suspect it was a crossed wire that caused the fault in the 804.


September 20, 2010

Relocated (within the office) at work. New phone. New av receiver. Travel south to the gulf of m for work. New neighbors (soon to be x2). X-box died.

Details to follow if you are lucky or i get bored or seth actually blogs so i have to one up him.