Well that didn’t take long

Or at least it didn’t take infinity, which was how long I figured it would take. All it took was a horribly debilitating neck injury apparently.



Unfortunately all that great progress (of attempting to get back to what I could run a year ago…) has not been consistently reflected in my diet… pizza and cookies do not a lean dan make. There has even been some fast food.

Oh well, I’ll get there eventually.

3 Responses to “Well that didn’t take long”

  1.   Sonja Says:

    Ugh, stupid neck. The worst part is that I STILL haven’t made it to the blue level. Only 7 more miles to go… Sad Sonja.

  2.   sharla Says:

    Just you wait! I haven’t plugged my ipod into my computer for a while now! I’ve been running like crazy! :)
    Well crazy for a lady who just had a baby!

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