2011 Recap

End of year update!

First some stats:
2011 weight (stable, but still 10lbs higher than I want it to be, anytime it’s in the 170′s I’m happy with it though.) Down 7lbs on the year (but I’m up a little now.)
2011 weight

Lifetime weight (for comparison, since I started caring.)
life time weight

I’ve been bad about not running with my ipod much since April (sorry Sonja!). I did a 5 mile leg of the marathon relay in June, and a couple 5ks here in Sioux Falls in Sept/Oct. I think I’d like to work up to a 10k by summer and possibly a 1/2 marathon by year’s end. This is kind of a big change in mindset for me, as I found little use for things over 5k before, but 5k’s are becoming something you just do, so it’s probably time for tougher goals, and I don’t really want running faster to be one of them as I only really enjoy doing official races with friends.

I don’t have the #’s in a spreadsheet yet, but basically, in 2010 I could maybe do 1, at one point in 2011 I could do 40 in a single set (160 a day). I’m back down closer to 20 right now, but that’s ok because:

In December my motivation to run was lagging so I decided to finally start going to the gym with Seth. I don’t really care to share my weights on major machines right now. Suffice to say I was stronger in college and I wasn’t really a tough guy then. Good progress so far though. Benchpress up 10lbs, Squats up 20, Offsetting my pullups by 10-20 less. Major goals are Benchpress own weight, Legpress 3x own weight. Squat 1.5x own weight. 15 legit pullups (currently not really able to do even one).

Moved into the dev department, though I keep all my prior responsibilities (should avoid all major new projects in the area though I hope). Working in Silverlight/WCF now which is a nice change of pace from classic asp/vb6.

Broke the screen back in November. Looking forward to whatever gorilla glass replacement gets unveiled at CES this week.

Hello World only. :( I need to work on this one.

Minimal progress. Another area needing attention and $$.

Fixed the critical issues, but at the end of the day I’m still driving a 13 year old car. I have no desire to get a better one for myself, but I could see wanting something nicer for others. I really struggle with that though, since the easiest way to meet financial goals is to not spend money and this is big one. :/

Shorn bald, since June.

Working on it. :/

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