PC 2012 – The Idea

So my primary desktop has been flakey lately, blue screening occasionally, and not handling games well. I’ve also been really upset at how LOUD it is. Even just using a web browser is an exercise in listening to the cpu fan change speeds constantly. I decided to start prep work on a new PC with the goal to have it finished before 3 day weekend in the end of May.

Primary goals of the new system:
1.) Quiet
2.) Powerful enough to be a 3 year gaming computer
3.) Low power
4.) A decent development machine (any gaming pc will basically also qualify here, except 3 monitor support would be a nice perk)

My current system was supposed to be quiet, and it wasn’t bad at the beginning, but it’s never been great. I would love for it to be flat out silent when not gaming. So I put some time in getting up to speed on current hardware and this is what I’ve come up with:

The SSD I’ve had for a month and a half and just never installed. Got it on sale, no real thought put into it. There is some method to the madness behind the rest of the products.

One of the first things that may jump out at you is there is no mechanical harddrive at all. That is on purpose. I have a home server that stores the majority of my large files. While I may put a low rpm large capacity drive in the computer someday, I wanted to try it this way first.

I’ll be posting later on some of the reasoning behind more of the parts, and the effectiveness of the build itself after I’ve had a chance to put it all together.

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  1.   Mike Says:

    I’m hoping to switch a 256gb ssd as my only storage drive also. My dying dual raptors are making terrible noises that worry me.

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