Last day of November Vacation

November 30, 2010

It was almost 2 weeks long, but not very relaxing at all. Between work and work related activities I spent pretty much every day obsessing over work anyway. Lots of stuff I can’t actually talk about here for one reason or another. I’m pretty sure I’ll never feel comfortable writing about my time in corporate America.

My car battery died and has been replaced. My house has been cleaned some. I winterized the lawn mower and have the snowblower ready to go. (Which is good because it is snowing and drifting as I write this.)

I grew a Novembeard during vacation. It’s pretty scraggly, so it probably won’t survive to see Christmas.

Here is a random video I meant to share last year. Not my pets. I don’t have pets. At this point in my life I’m pretty sure getting a pet would just make me a crazy cat lady.
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November 12, 2010

Hit green tonight. I’ve only been tracking on Nike+ since April 15th so I’m actually somewhere around 250 miles for 2010. I’ve actually run less every month since April/May. I think I’m going to try to turn that trend around, finish the year at 3 nights a week of exercise.

There are six Levels that correspond to total kilometers run:

Yellow (0-49km, 0-30mi)
Orange (50-249km, 31-154mi)
Green (250-999km, 155-620mi)
Blue (1,000-2,499km, 621-1552mi)
Purple (2,500-4,999km, 1553-3106mi)
Black (over 5000km or 3107mi).

As you move from one Level to another, we will recognize your achievements in different ways. Look for your color to follow you through the features in, updating your entire profile as you reach new Levels.


September 25, 2010

I picked up an ONKYO TX-NR808.

This replaces my ONKYO TX-SR804 which I originally had no plans of upgrading from for another 5 years at least. Unfortunately something happened with my 804 and the main 7.1 zone, along with all digital inputs, is currently dead.

Front View

My old TX-SR804

The front panel works, and Zone 2 works (with analog inputs of course) but it is pretty much useless as a main AV receiver now.

The 808 has a ton of features (ONKYO is a very “feature focused” company), most of which I don’t care about. Front USB port ipod audio without having to buy a $100 dock is one of the few I was pleasantly surprised existed. The on screen display has also advanced a long way since the one my 804 had (which basically took over an HDMI signal with it’s own menu). The 808 has fancy translucent menus and an on screen volume bar.

More importantly it has a nicer auto speaker setup system (it takes microphone readings at 3-6 locations and then decides your appropriate starting speaker settings for you) and some pretty fancy ‘constant volume’ settings that supposedly actually do a good job of both keeping dialogue clear and audible and toning down explosions. Also going from 2 HDMI inputs to 6 will be nice, though the rate that fiber optic audio connections are disappearing is mildly disheartening.

Front View

The new TX-NR808

I haven’t actually gotten to use it at all really yet, as I’ve been out of town on work. (Also my x-box went all RRoD on me.)

I’ll write another post when I figure out exactly how I’m going to re-wire and set everything up semi permanently. I do know I’m switching all my speaker wire to banana plug ends, since I suspect it was a crossed wire that caused the fault in the 804.


September 20, 2010

Relocated (within the office) at work. New phone. New av receiver. Travel south to the gulf of m for work. New neighbors (soon to be x2). X-box died.

Details to follow if you are lucky or i get bored or seth actually blogs so i have to one up him.


May 4, 2010

April was a good month for the running goals. Passed 100 miles, finished the couch-to-5k. Ran ~5 miles in one run.

I was able to start running outside, which has been outstanding so far. It is amazing how much easier it is to run out there than on my el-cheapo treadmill. I’m sure at least some of that is due to the great company of Sonja, Seth, and Zach though, even if they do need a little nudge sometimes to get them out doors on these cold / gloomy April days.

Also got to check out the disc golf course at Tut Hill, which is a lot of fun. I haven’t completely forgotten how to throw a disc, though I don’t think I’ll be able to overthrow every hole here like I eventually could in Madison / Mitchell.

Running and work, that’s about all I have going on here. How about you?

Triple Digits

April 17, 2010

Passed 100 miles run/walk combined for 2010 on April 15th.


running update

April 3, 2010

I just finished what should be week 11 of the couch-to-5k plan (which ends at 9) last night. In reality I’ve just completed week 7 in the plan for the 1st time. Last night’s 25min continuous section felt pretty good, so I’m fairly confident I’ll be able to hit 30minutes continuous at least once in April.

Current goals are to continue with at least 3 runs a week until I can run 30minutes nonstop, and then work up to 6mph for that entire time.

My total mileage for the year now stands at 82 miles (run + walk). Mileage since last post being 27.15 miles from 8 runs.

BFF Sonja gave me a nike+ sensor for my birthday so that she can laugh at how much better than me she is. :)


March 17, 2010

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HIMYM parodies truth a little too close some days.
June 8, 2009
March 17, 2010
Q4 2011.

I think the J is silent.

March 17, 2010

Here is a 2010 running update for the 1 of you that care:

I’m currently in what should be week 9 of the couch-to-5k plan. In reality I’m repeating week 5 or 6 for the 4th time. But I have been mostly good with keeping to a 3 day a week schedule, and finally managed to run 20 minutes consecutively last night. Unfortunately I’ve had to slow down from 6mph to 5mph to increase my duration. Current goals are to continue with at least 3 runs a week until I can run 30minutes nonstop, and then work up to 6mph for that entire time.

2010 mileage (includes walking) so far (after 2nd run of week 9): 54.85 miles

Last week: 8.05 miles

Currently watching: Season 2 of ‘Whose Line is it Anyway’

It’s been really nice having a treadmill for this. I probably won’t bother to go outside to run until I want to start working on sprints. (Which is the goal after hitting the 3 miles in 30minutes pace.)

I should probably go for new running shoes soon though, it would be nice to have 2 pairs when I move to running more than every other day.

Thinking of getting an ipod for running and work now that I can at least modestly compete with some of the other doot dooters on mileage.

Party at Luthorcorp

September 27, 2009

Mr. Bobby is now wedded, and threw a hell of a party. I don’t imagine either Bobby or Kristine bother to read this blog, but if they ever do I had a wonderful time and wish you both the best.

It always sucks coming back to an empty apartment after 2 days out in the world with friends. I suppose the implication there is I should work more actively at finding someone to come back with.

At least if it was Monday I could be at work.