Disclaimer: Currently and by my own choice, I am doing nothing.  My life consists of sleeping past noon, walking my mom’s dog and letting her feed me, wash my clothes and take care of my cats.  In return, she gets my company.  This is a good deal for her.

So what is my schedule like?

12-1PM: Wake up.  This usually involves avoiding my mom’s dog who whines incessantly to get into my room.  She likes to sleep under the covers.  After I wake up, I promptly move my lazy self from my bed to the kitchen table and turn on my laptop.  There is a whole level of patheticness about this that I am not even going to touch.

1PM: My list of websites in the order I view them-

  • Gmail
  • Hawkmail – (I have considered forwarding my school mail to gmail but then I’d have one less website…ok, i have no good reason why I have not done this)
  • Facebook – I spend less time on this than most internet addicts; however I check it a lot, mostly to  read the new news feeds and that’s it.
  • Travian – This is an online browser game.  I have been playing it since October.  It is always open in a second tab.  It is not uncommon for those sitting near me to hear me randomly say “Time to update the granary, warehouse, cropland” or it has happened that people have had to wait for me to send away my troops before I leave the house.  BUT – It is important to note I have not ever chosen this game over my social life and that I understand the nerdy line that I have crossed.

This is where we pause for me to go to the bathroom, brush my teeth and get breakfast. Back to the internet.

  • Perez Hilton – Celebrity gossip
  • The Superficial – See above
  • FML (fmylife.com) – I have yet to have a friend make this website.  Many of us have tried.  Mad kudos and perhaps a special prize to the first one who does.
  • MLIA (mylifeisaverage.com) – This is a new find and it amuses me more than it should.
  • TFLN (textsfromlastnight.com) – I have had a friend make this website – competition closed.
  • USAToday, CNN, NYTimes – You know, news.
  • Espn – Checking the score.
  • Courtoons, random personal blogs, WhatClaudiaWore, Twitter, Twilight Fan Fiction

2:15PM: This is when I randomly look at the internet.  I often check the same sites all over again.

3-5PM: 2 Episodes of What I Like About You and 1 Episode of Gilmore Girls – This time period is flexible.  Yesterday the dog and I went for a nice little 3 mile walk.  Today there will be Rollerblading when T gets off from work.

5-12AM: I now hang out with my family.  Sunday was Survivor.  Monday night was Dancing With the Stars and the Bachelorette.  Tuesday is Dancing with the Stars results and American Idol.  Wednesday is American Idol results and so on.

12-?:  I sit at the table on the internet in front of the television (HGTV is good stuff late at night).  I usually retire to my bedroom around 2AM.  This involves gathering up my two cats and sequestering them in my bedroom.  Then I go down to the basement and release my mom’s three cats.  One of them is kept down there because she DOES NOT get along with my cats.  The other two can come and go as they please and it turns out, they like to stay locked in a basement room.  This is NOT my fault.  Once everything is settled I find something to read.  Perhaps a book from my shelf that is meant for a 10 year old or a magazine.  Currently – because I am going to be a lawyer – I have decided to reread all of John Grisham’s books in chronological order.

Ending disclaimer: This whole doing nothing is not going to last long.  I have to get to work on applications to write on a journal for the fall and I am likely going to work for a local lawyer during the day and wait tables some nights.  However, this is a fair assessment of what I will do today.  I thought others would like it and probably be jealous.