A few things first -

Apparently, I am not good at updating blogs.  It must run in the family.  Also, I thought about switching back to the thought bubble design for those of you who cared but the formatting was all off.  It was all ick and I was like ick.  It would wrap the text of my old blog posts around the picture of my newer blog post.  Those of you in the know need to find a theme for me because I am struggling.  You should also tell me how to get the recently updated widget on my blog so I can see when all of you guys update.  Kthanx

This blog post needed to be edited.  With the current job market, I will not speak ill of any past jobs that I have had.

I have been continuing on my quest to read every John Grisham book in order of publication.  This makes me feel more like a lawyer than working at the law firm.  If only I could find a small child who witnessed a guy kill himself after that guy confided in the kid where his mafia client hid the body of a senator.  Bam.

Tomorrow I think I will start to watch How I Met Your Mother or finally watch this season’s finale of Lost.  Maybe I will hang out with my cats and be pathetic.  I have options.