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Posted by andy on September 10, 2011

I’m terrible about posting substantive stuff on here. Face it, I’m kind of boring. The exciting stuff is either not fit for disclosure here, or is exciting to me and probably not the rest of you. I don’t want to bore everyone with stories of being able to get my nephew potty-trained… that’s “exciting” here now.

But, I am relatively good at posting bullet lists of short tidbits.  Kind of a tapas menu if you will.  So, here again, is another update of the pseudo-evolving life of me.

  • Spent 5 days in Omaha last month for a conference, and for once I was actually a full attendee and not an organizer/staff person.  Refreshing change.
  • The river here is finally back in its banks.  Of course, the real devastation is yet to full show up, as it will be years before we have it all under control.  FU Army CoE.
  • Successfully made it through a summer having multiple folks reporting to me.  I’ll probably write a full post on this one… someday.
  • Attended a class/session on surviving a new boss.  Wish I had this about 8 months ago.
  • Lost another 10 lbs.   Ok, so it was 15, and 5 is back.  Sue me.
  • Thought we would have to put my family’s golden retriever down… but she snapped out of her funk from this growth in her jaw.  It may take her from us early, but hope not.
  • Scheduled two more classes to teach this fall.  Probably should start working on the materials for them.
  • Had a headhunter make a run at me for work…
  • Seriously considered two different gigs, one internal, one external.  Haven’t moved on either.
  • Put together a halfway different HDR shot…

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  1.   sonja Says:

    I happen to love bullet lists! :)
    Glad things are settling down from the flood. Hope everyone is OK out there!

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