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Long trip…

Posted by andy on November 6, 2011

So I’m back from a 4 day run out east.  A trip full of random stops, first-time events, and sick people :-(

Opening day, the co-workers traveling with wouldn’t lock in a schedule, so I end up leaving 2-3 hours later than I hoped.  This results in missing the TC’s event I was hoping to attend, and I miss my gold sauce :-(    So after a stop at Seth/Sharla’s place to chat with them, a visit by Mike, and a little time with the pets, I get called to a dinner thing at Buffalo Wild Wings.  And of course, construction makes the trip take way too long.  Sick Sonja could not make it.  Sad boosh, again :-(

Next day is a Symposium we are presenting at, which was solid.  No complaints there.  Follow that up with a business dinner that was not the best, and pretty much you have my whole day.  Although I did see some college classmates at the Symposium and a high school classmate there too.

Next day, meetings, meetings, meetings,  and a couple gatherings.  Follow that up with a few gun store trips, a 3 mile walk downtown, and a visit to Skelly’s.  Figure that you people doing the code camp needed a day to prep.

Code Camp went well, even got my boss down there, who considered it well done for what he was there for.  And he’s a developer in his background, kept up with it all, explained it to me :-)

Wrapped things up with a doctor appt, some shutterbug time, and hit the road.  Wish I could have seen more people, but did end up seeing Seth, Mike, Danorexic, Dan #3, Sharla, Lazy, and others.  Again, second trip in a row, Sonja is sick.  Sad boosh.

I think I’ve made my quota of trips east… some of you need to come west :-)

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    Boo at me.

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