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On the market…

Posted by andy on July 24, 2012

No, not talking about my social life… but my house.  After a way too long fight to get the paperwork through the system (appraisals take forever here anymore), I have the green light on my new home build project.  It’s going to consume most of my nights/weekends for the foreseeable future, but I’m looking forward to it.  It’ll be nice to have a place built by the family, with a basement, attached garage, and such.  Not quite sure I have everything picked out yet, but after seeing homes for 30 years, I have way too much material in my head to sort through.

For those that never made it out here to see the place, my current digs.

Wish me luck…

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  1.   sonja Says:

    Congrats. I hope you enjoy the home building process!

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