I got videos to work on my Playstation 3! Updates fix things and break things. Apparently an update to the PS3 broke PVConnect. All the videos would show up but say “Unsupported Data.” To fix it you modify a file on the WHS via remote desktop. We Got Served not only had this information but is filled with a lot of other useful information. I will copy the fix into the rest of the story…

Taken from: http://forum.wegotserved.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=2878&hl=ps3+pvconnect

I have noticed that this topic has come up a lot lately. My PS3 shows most movies as “unsupported data” or doesn’t show movies at all.

The reason for this is that Sony has changed the Upnp handshake string that it sends out to identify itself to media streamers. Below are the steps to follow for getting PVConnect / Twonky to recognize your PS3 correctly again:

1) Open a remote desktop connection to your home server.

2) From windows explorer go to the following path: C:\TwonkyMedia\resources

3) Open the file clients.db (use notepad don’t worry its just a text file)

4) You will find an entry marked ID:060 It will look like this

MT:mpeg,mpeg2,vdr,spts,tp,ts video/mpeg
MT:m4a audio/mp4
MT:avi,divx video/avi

5) You need to put a space between PLAYSTATION and 3 so it should look like this: PLAYSTATION 3

6) Exit notepad saving your changes.

7) From the windows home server console select PVConnect

8) Select the Media Receivers Tab

9) Click on reset list

10) From the PS3 scan for media center under any of the Photo / Music / Video search for media centers or whatever it is

After that PVConnect (aka Twonky) will recognize the PS3 as a PS3 and your video problem will be solved.