Today is a great day indeed. I ordered an ONKYO celebrex coupon TX-SR606 receiver from and it should arrive today. I see the receiver is back up to $499.99, I ordered it at $369.99. I’ve also been told that I should have the cabinetry for my entertainment center and home office by 10/22.

Working for a cabinetry company rocks, especially when you are finishing a basement or building a new home. We make semi-custom high end cabinetry and employees get a very generous discount.

Once I get everything installed I will post a picture or two of what it looks like. It’s kind of like the last mod I planned for my Windows Home Server. I have a couple 3D renders you can click the rest of the story to see.

If all that wasn’t enough it’s Tuesday and that means Buffalo Wild Wings. It’s been a tradition going back about as long as I can remember; 8+ years. I noticed last week that they have the blazin’ challenge here now. If you can eat X blazin’ wings in X minutes you get your picture put up on the wall. I may have to take that challenge up afterhours. I am going to need beer to win that one…

Entertainment Center:

Entertainment Center

Computer room:

Computer Room