Let’s see, so far I have gotten my Media Center PCs and my PS3 to connect to the WHS. I tried several things last night but have been unsuccessful in getting the xbox360 to connect. I’ve tried using Windows Media Connect v2.0, PVConnect and connecting to the WHS through the Media Center Extender feature all with no luck playing videos.

I’ve heard you can do a little hack to get WMP11 to install which has Windows Media Connect v3.0, but I’ve come across a more appealing solution for streaming video to the xbox360 from the WHS.

Installing the Zune software on the WHS will allow the xbox360 to connect and view any of the content in the Zune library. I had previously tried this on one of the Vista desktops (I have 2x30Gb Zunes) and it worked. I didn’t have time to do it last night so, I will try it tonight and with any luck I will be able to move on to breaking the WHS with all the other tweaks and hacks out there.

One feature I’m excited to see, but not use on there is the backup. It uses disk dedupe technology so you are only using space for each unique version of a file.

3x computers running Vista means only one copy of the Windows folder. I’ve also excluded it from doing a backup of the large game install folders (WoW is over 9gb). Maybe I will back them up once I add a couple 1.5Tb Seagate drives. :)