General Practice Doctors Suck

Monday, February 22nd, 2010 @ 7:22 pm | Doctors

So last week Wednesday, I notice a red splotch on my arm, the size of a dime. It has a ring around it, kinda looks like a burn, but know I didn’t burn it, so I figured it wasn’t just an abrasion or rope burn (common from climbing). I decide to watch it for a while. It gets kinda gross and starts to look like an open wound. Ok, so I should probably go to the doctor. On Sunday I find5-6 more spots on my shoulders, back and chest. Crap. So I decide Sunday night that if I find anymore in the morning, I will go to the doctor. Not even an hour later, I find one on my leg! It was decided, I go to the doctor first thing Monday morning.

Wake up Monday morning. Call the regular doc to ask for a referral to a dermatologist and skip my regular doctor. They tell me who to call. I call them, but they can’t get me in on the same day and think I should go to my regular doc today. grr. So I go to my regular doc and he says, it’s not ringworm, so it’s probably eczema. So I’m to try steroid creams and if it doesn’t work to go to a dermatologist, because at that point he wouldn’t know what it is (he honestly said that). So he gives me the drugs AND refers me to a dermatologist right away. He doubts his own diagnosis! I can see that he really doesn’t think he’s correct. So why did I just waste a doctors co-pay and a prescription co-pay on a visit and drugs I know to be bull shit?!

General Practice doctors do not understand dermatological issues. Every time I ask them about something, they get a scared look on their face and refer me. Every time they do try to fix an issue, it ends up worse. So why not just tell me right away that I’m wasting everyone’s time and money to see a regular doc and get me into a dermatologist right away. It might, oh, I don’t know, stop it from getting worse!!




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    3 Responses to “General Practice Doctors Suck”

    1. Sonja Says:

      In the doc’s defense, they did give you a dermatologists name without making you stop in first. Really it’s the dermatologists offices’ fault for not fitting you in right away.

      How are the spots??

    2. Carrie Says:

      yes the doc gave me a name, but they thought i was crazy.
      I do blame the derm also. I can’t be the first person to be concerned about a rapidly spreading rash of some sort. they should set aside a couple appts a day for stuff like that.

      the spots are still spots, it’s only been a day and two treatments.

    3. Carrie Says:

      hrm. ok… so the derm agrees with the doc. but was confused by it as i do not exhibit typical symptoms. where the gp doc loses is where he gives me a weird med. derm was confused by this also. so now i get to go buy more drugs and ignore the 3 massive bottles of stuff i just got on monday. so $60 later, i have an answer that I could have gotten for only $30. annoying. at least i have an hsa to pay for it, so that helps.

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