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Thursday, March 25th, 2010 @ 1:47 pm | Doctors

My so called eczema has been going crazy for the past couple weeks. I’m nearly covered head to toe in red splotches. I call them my polka-dots and try to pretend they are just a part of some really cool print body suit. The meds aren’t helping and it’s spreading so I figure I ought to go back to the doc. Couldn’t get in for 3 weeks! By then I’d just be one solid mass of red! Luckily I was able to convince the appointment desk to let me see a different doc at a different location, but still the same company.

So I see the new doc today and he says there is no way it’s eczema, though admitted he would have gone with the same diagnosis when I only had 10 spots. Now that I can’t begin to count them all, it must be something else. He thinks its probably some crazy viral infection that actually starts as a head cold months earlier, then looks like eczema, goes away and then comes back as full body spots. That is a very weird virus. But just to be sure, he decided to biopsy it, as it could be other thigns. While I was not fond of getting a hole punched in my gut, I do appreciate the fact that I will get a final, definite diagnosis. That’s much better than trying a dozen different remedies before stumbling upon the one that worked. And while he was checking out all the spots, he came across 4 moles that he didn’t think should stay on me, so he biopsied those too. Luckily they were not punched out like the red spot, so I only had 2 stitches today. 2 removed moles happen to be on my side under my bra line, so wearing a bra is not all that fun today.

If it is this crazy virus he spoke of, he said it will wear itself out and go away on its own. Well that could be a while, not to mention that it leaves behind a ‘temporary scar’. It looks like a scar and takes a long time to go away, but it will go away eventually. At least they’re not permanent.

But acupuncture should help speed things up, so I think I need to go do that. I just don’t want to pay for it because the stupid insurance company won’t cover it. erg.



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    4 Responses to “Back to the Doc”

    1. Sonja Says:

      I suppose if it’ll heal on it’s own, the insurance company doesn’t give a crud if you want to speed along the process.


      Hope it clears up soon!

    2. carrie Says:

      well my insurance only covers acupuncture for pain management and only if all other methods prove to not work and only if administered by a physician. so they probably only have to pay out on that one for 1 or 2 people a year. lame. i should start a movement for better acupuncture coverage. it should be the same as chiropractic at least…

      so i changed a couple bandages last night. mike had to help as it was difficult for me to reach. as he peeled off the bandage, he looked horror struck and said ‘oh my god babe, did you see what they did to you?’. i looked in the mirror against better judgment and instantly got sick. its sooooo gross. looks like i was partially skinned alive. the stitched one looks great, but the ones sliced off look horrid! i’m pushing for the punch from now on a i think. or maybe i’ll just try to keep all my skin instead. blech!

    3. Sonja Says:

      Eep. That sounds gross. Hopefully things are starting to heal.

      If I ever need things removed, it’s stitches all the way!

    4. Carrie Says:

      but now when my stitches are starting to hurt me. If i stretch too much they pull and i think they’re starting to tear some. and i have one or two spots that are getting infected. ARG! I’m ready to be done with it all!!

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