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Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 @ 1:22 pm | Doctors

On April 19th, at 6ish am,I got up and started getting ready for work. My neck was super stiff and sore so I was stretching a bit when I heard a ‘pop’.  Instantly I knew that it was a very bad pop. For those who know me well this might seem odd as I tend to pop my own neck on a semi-regular basis. But this one was bad. Nothing like I had felt before. There was instant inflammation and every muscle in my neck seized up.

At that hour, there’s not much I could do. I called my regular chiropractor and left a message that I needed to get in as soon as possible. They didn’t open till 8 so I laid down and tried to sleep. While laying down certainly relieved some of the pain, it wasn’t enough to let me sleep. Luckily the chiro office called me at 7:15 and said come in as soon as I could, even though it was before the office opened. Woo Hoo!

I got there and the regular doc was on vacation so there was a substitute. He worked on me for a while, but everything was so inflamed that he couldn’t do much. I saw him again the next day and my regular chiro several times for the next couple weeks. The inflammation went down, but this stabbing pain where my neck meets my head was (and still is) there anytime I moved my head. Every time I went to the chiro I would point to the spot that hurt and every time he would adjust a spot lower and it wouldn’t help. The kicker was that he thought he fixed it.

Enough of that, I need a second opinion. So I go to the Spine and Sports Institute. The lead chiro there was the official chiropractor for the US olympic team in Vancouver, so I figure they’ve got to be good. Not only would they be able to work on my neck, but my shoulder and wrist too since they know their sports stuff. AND Dave, a neighbor from back in the dorm days, is also a doc there. So I’m pretty excited to go. I end up seeing one of the other docs at the clinic though.

The shoulder is getting a lot better, the wrist is not and the main problem of the neck is not only not getting better, but possibly worse. Since last Thursday, the pain gets so bad that it actually makes me feel sick. It’s making work a challenge since I’d rather go to bed and never move again. Last friday I got x-rays and can’t wait until tomorrow to see them and what the doc has to say.

I did some of my own research and firmly believe that I have a C1-skull subluxation. While not all that rare, it’s apparently difficult to find someone to diagnose it. We’ll see if this guy figures it out. I’m betting not.  Luckily I have found a couple specialists in the area (there are only 2) so I should be able to find help if that truly is my problem. Bummer is that the insurance doesn’t cover them… Here’s some info on what I believe to be the problem. Kinda crazy creepy stuff.

I’ll update after tomorrow’s appointment.



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    2 Responses to “Pain Pain Go Away”

    1. Sonja Says:

      If your muscles are inflammed be sure you’re icing!! Hope the appointment goes well.

    2. kari Says:

      I hope everything went well! I’m waiting to hear an update!

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