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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 @ 1:51 pm | Acupuncture, Doctors

I got the MRI results for my neck and wrists! I was able to get the report on line, but it’s all Greek to me… So far the doc has interpreted the neck results via voice mail, but haven’t heard from him on the wrists yet. There’s a lot of explanation in the report, but here are the conclusions as written by the radiologists:


  1. Mild Spondylosis and dorsal bulging at multiple levels.
  2. Recumbent left upper thoracic convexity.
  3. Mild facet arthropathy on the right at c2-3 and c4-5 and bilaterally at c3-4.
  4. No fracture, osseous neoplasm or infection.
  5. No intrinsic cod abnormality, including no syrinx, mass or myelomalacia.

English – some disc bulging and some signs of arthritis. Wee!!

Left Wrist:

  1. Soft tissue ganglion cyst along the dorsum of the scaphoid.
  2. Slight ulna plus variance, whithout bony changes of ulnar abutment. Slender 3mm perforation through tthe central portion on the TFC. Small distal radioulnar effusion.
  3. Intrinsic ligaments of the wrist are normally intact. No significant tendon pathology.
  4. No acute fracture or osseous contusion. No osteochondral lesion.

English – still waiting for the translation, but the doc had figured I had a ganglion cyst. I really want surgery for it, but we’ll see.

Right Wrist:

  1. Ulna plus variance. Associated marrow edema signal within the ulna and adjacent lunate, in keeping with developing ulnar abutment. Mild DJD of the distal radioulnar joing.
  2. Marked thinning of the central TFC due to the ulna plus variance. Chronic incomplete sprain or degeneration along its ulnar aspec.
  3. Chronic healed or incomplete scapholunate ligament sprain. Small ganglion cyst within the fibers.
  4. No significant tendon pathology.

English – Still awaiting translation. Again with the ganglion cyst, but the right doesn’t bother me near as much as the left, so I would not consider surgery there. Some of the other stuff sounds interesting though.

Very interested to hear what the doc has to say about everything and how he recommends treating everything.

HOWEVER – I just went to my acupuncturist yesterday for the first time in 6 years (loooooong overdue). I went for some minor emotional issues (I’ve been very irritable and mentally exhausted lately) but also went for the neck and back pain. (btw, I recently pulled something in my back…) I had needles all over in my neck and head and upper back, it was great. I slept great last night. Usually my neck pain bothers me in the night and I can’t get comfy. No neck pain over night! Back still bothered me a bit though. Got up this morning and my neck is feeling the best it’s felt since this whole thing started. I would say it got about 70% better overnight!!! I love acupuncture!!

Conclusion – I am having a fantabulous day today. The neck is feeling better, and I finally have answers from my MRI so I should be able find the correct treatments for everything now. Or just live at the acupuncturists office. I’m ok with that, except for the cost aspect…



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    2 Responses to “Another Update”

    1. Sonja Says:

      I’ve never done acupuncture. A lot of people swear by it, but I think it sounds scary! Glad you’re getting some relief.

      Do you know enough to correlate the injuries to climbing or an old injury of some kind?

    2. Carrie Says:

      Acupuncture is way easier than giving blood. The needles are much tinier (even smaller than the smallest sewing needle) and often I don’t even feel them. Some sting a bit, but not bad and it certainly doesn’t last.
      oh, and it pretty much saved my life 6 years ago, so yeah, it’s great. :)

      I did some google searches on some of the terms in my report. Apparently my Ulna is too long for my radius so that adds a lot of stresses on things. That could be the cause of some of the soft tissue damage. Repetitive motion, such as playing the violin for years could have something to do with it. The sprain thing could be from a childhood injury, but not sure. Some of it could be from climbing, but since I’ve had the pain before I climbed, I’m guessing its not the cause, but maybe made some things worse. Don’t know. Still haven’t talked to the doc.

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