Neck Pain Update

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 @ 8:29 am | Doctors

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my major neck ‘injury’. I stretched, my neck popped, and forever hurt like hell and no chiropractor could fix it. The acupuncturist helped the most, but it still isn’t right.

Well I’ve had a flare up this week with neck pain in general. To the point where it actually makes me feel physically ill, slightly dizzy and nauseous even. So back to my regular chiropractor I go. However, on Saturday, my dear friend Kate was telling me about her severe neck problems and a new doctor she’s been seeing that she absolutely loves. I asked her for his info and she made me promise to call him if she gave me his info. She’s aware that I’ve been putting off calling someone else. When nothing worked, I just got discouraged and stopped looking.

I got his info and I have an appointment for May 10th. He’s hard to get in to and is out of the way to go to, but I don’t care anymore. So, here’s hoping I’ve found the answer. Here’s hoping he can not only fix my neck, but either fix or point me in the right direction to fixing my shoulder and wrists also.

If I can get all fixed up, I might actually be able to climb again. I went from climbing 5.11 with 5.12′s looking possible, to only climbing 5.7′s-5.9′s, with no hope for improvement.  (For those who don’t know – 5.5 is basic beginner stuff, 5.7 is easy, 5.9 moderate, 5.12 is the beginning of advanced. 5.15 is top of the scale, only a few people in the world can do it) I would really like to get on some 5.11′s again.



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    One Response to “Neck Pain Update”

    1. Sonja Says:

      I’ve got some chronic neck issues as well. As long as I receive regular adjustments mine seems to stay in check. I hope he’s able to help you!!

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