Orthopaedic Appointment

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011 @ 7:54 pm | Doctors

I went to an Orthopaedic Doc today and was not impressed.

I went in stating that I had upper neck and upper back pain and he asked which I’d want to fix if I could only fix one. I said the neck and therefore, that is all he dealt with. This is the spine we’re taking about! It’s all connected! If one part isn’t functioning properly or is mis-aligned, then you can’t expect another part to heal without all of the pieces functioning! What doctor doesn’t know that?!

He read my MRI report but didn’t look at the images, which I understand most doctors are not trained in that, but I also have a strong feeling that something was misread in the MRI.

He barely asked me any questions, and didn’t seem to care at all. He did a joke of an examination and just assumed the neck problem was spinal only and referred me on to someone else. I only had a ‘pain level of 3′ today (didn’t get to address the days when its close to 10) so I think that he treated me with an expertise and caring level of 3.

After the joke examination, he said there are a few options. He started with saying that I could get a surgery to burn off all the nerve endings so I wouldn’t feel the pain anymore. After talking about it a while, and probably reading my reaction, he said he thought that was overkill. No shit Sherlock! I’d prefer to fix the problem than to burn off my nerves! Killing the messenger does not make the problem go away!

He strongly considered sending me to physical therapy (which is probably best in my opinion) but instead went with Physicians Neck and Back Clinic which only deals with strengthening the areas. I figure they can help in some areas, but something is still very wrong in my neck that I firmly belive needs to be fixed before strengthening can help.

More and more, I feel my neck injury is a tendon or other connecting tissue, but this guy wouldn’t even listen or try to isolate the problem. I did not receive a diagnosis, just 5 minutes time and a referral. And we wonder why healthcare is so expensive these days.

He asked me if I had any questions, but all I could come up with was ‘why do you suck so much’, so I let it be and got the hell out. I left irate. I’m looking for answers, not bullshit. So the search continues…



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