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Continuing on my natural kick, I thought I’d try the OCM – The Oil Cleansing Method instead of traditional make-up remover and face washes. Commercial face washes use harsh chemicals to fight acne, and they never seem to work for me, so I thought – why not try a natural method? So I did/am.

The OCM uses a mixure of oils for cleansing. I have been using a mix of grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil. Recipes on line say to use caster oil, but i haven’t been able to find that yet. Using about 1-2 tsp of the mixture I rub it into my face like I would with other cleansers (though, no suds). I can use it on my eyes and the makeup melts right off! One my face is all oiled up, I soak a rag in super hot water and then cover my face with it, letting the steam draw out the oil and it takes all the nasty’s with it. I repeat this step 1-2 times to get it all.

My skin is soooooo soft! My pores look smaller, my skin looks healthier. It’s amazing. I’m not 100% OCM because I still have some of the old wash and I often wash my face in the shower and find the OCM difficult in the shower because I can’t use super hot water for my face without scalding everything else.

With the combination of no ‘poo and the OCM, I find my skin is healther, I have fewer breakouts and when I do have breakouts, they heal quicker than ever. I continue to try new natural methods and haven’t been disappointed yet. Next on the list – make my own deodorant :)



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    5 Responses to “The OCM”

    1. mike Says:

      Making your own deodorant?

      If you do that, you’re going to have to post some pictures of that process. That sounds pretty interesting as I know nothing about the process.

    2. carrie Says:

      actually its pretty basic and easy. I’ll discuss it on a post in the near-ish future

    3. Sonja Says:

      How’s the face doing these days? Do you find your skin is still clear? How long does the whole process take?

      I am looking for a new skin care regimen, but I can’t feasibly see myself taking a half hour every evening for cleansing.

    4. Carrie Says:

      The face is ok. I think it’d be better if I only used the OCM, but like I said, I’m only using it about half the time. I do like it though.

      It doesn’t take long at all. Longer then regular wash, but not by much. You rub in the oil for a few seconds longer then you would suds, then put on the hot cloth until its coolish (15 seconds or so). wipe off what you can, lightly. and repeat as much as necessary. I typically only use the steamy cloth twice. More than that and my skin will dry out. I still use a light moisturizer after. The moisturizer is also a commercial product, but I’ll replace that with a natural product once I’m out.

    5. Carrie Says:

      I have found that using a toner helps immensely. Being natural – I make my own by using a mix of witch hazel and lavender. Makes my skin look so nice!

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