Happy Moments

Friday, May 25th, 2012 @ 12:36 pm | Uncategorized

This morning I was reminded that some of my happiest moments are walking outside in the morning. I stepped out this morning and it was pleasantly cool, but not cold, and smelled of spring. Everything was damp from the rains from the previous two days. The sun was out, but not yet bright. I could have stayed in that moment forever, just taking it all in.

I used to take the bus to work and my walk to the bus in the morning was the happiest part of the day. My favorite morning ever was during a light rain in the fall. The air smelled of fall, a simple sweet perfume. Leaves were both on the trees and on the ground so that the trees still looked decent, but the colors were changing and leaves were scattered about the ground. The rain tapped at the leaves with a soothing pitter-patter. There were still enough leaves on the trees that they provided some cover. The light drops splashed in the puddles on the fallen leaves. Each leaf had it’s own puddle. The sun was up, but the clouds diffused the light. Colors were vibrant. It was still early enough that very few people were out yet. The world was quiet. The neighborhood was mine to enjoy, all to myself. I could have walked in the rain, or just sat under a tree and watched nature at her finest for hours.

Whenever I need a reminder of the beauty of this world, this is the moment I return to.



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