Dear Violin,

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012 @ 7:23 pm | Uncategorized

Dear Violin,

You have been with me for 22 years. Over 2/3′s of my life. You have filled my life with such pleasure, yet such pain.

You brought the beauty of music into my heart, into my soul. You brought me joy as you sang for me. You danced with me in happiness. You wailed with me in sorrow. You were there for me, and forever will be. Your likeness tattooed upon me. You brought me moments of laughter while I twisted your nobs, fingered your g-string, and fondled your tail piece and f-holes.

But you pained me so. I played you until my fingers were raw and sometimes cut. My finger stunted, my nail crooked. All from you. My neck, always in pain. My wrist wracked with cysts. My jaw forever clenching. You pain me, my dear violin.

So tonight, I lay you to rest, once again. I lay you gently in your black velvet coffin, pull the cloth over your body, close the lid and bury you, beneath stacks of books and camping gear. You will be missed, my love. I only hope some day to revive you. To raise you from the dead and make you sing for me, all over again. Some day, we will be together again. But until that day, may you rest in peace.



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