If I Could Alter History

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 @ 3:31 pm | Uncategorized

I just saw the question – “if you could go back in time and alter only one thing in history, what would it be?”

My answer – Nothing.

Sure it would be nice to stop 9/11 or the holocaust or a school shooting. Sure it would be nice to stop all the genocide that’s happened over the centuries. It would be nice to save the species that went extinct. It would be nice to prevent all the tragedies that have befallen civilization. But the question was ‘alter only one thing’. If I went back and stopped any one tragedy, it wouldn’t stop any others. In fact, it may be that simply another takes its place. But even so, history is a teacher. We know now to stop the Hitlers of the world. We (finally) know now to help those with mental illness. I’m not saying we have succeeded in learning our lessons, because that is certainly not true, but we keep getting closer.

To personalize it – if I could go back in time and alter one thing in my own personal history, I wouldn’t. Everything I’ve done or experienced in my life, made me who I am today. Sure there are things I am not proud of, but that was me then and that made me who I am now. I learned from those things. Either don’t do that again, or use it to help someone else avoid a similar situation. And sometimes those things help me gain a better understanding of myself. I may not have always realized it at the time, but later it becomes evident.

Everything makes us who we are, as individuals, and as a society. If we eliminate any portion of it, we eliminate a part of ourselves.



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