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Boogie Bird

Mar 02, 2011 in Art

I. love. Chor Boogie. He is THE most amazing modern artist and does (almost) all his work with spray paint. I was first introduced to his work several years ago when he was painting a mural on a building near my work. I told him I really liked his work and we got to talking and it turns out he’s a super nice person too. Since then, I have been following him on line and on facebook. Every now and then, on his fan page, he has some promo deal that results in free stuff. A year or so ago, he had a post that asked for people to ‘like’ his fan page and the first so many people got a free boogie bird LTL print ( I was lucky enough to be one of those first ‘so many’ people. That bird is on my ceiling/wall in my art room, keeping an eye on everything.

Just the other week, he had another one. He asked everyone write about what they like in art and to post a picture of an examplee So I posted a self portrait of Man Ray (another artist I admire) and wrote a bit about how I like art to have powerful depth and meaning.

Well I was one of the first 10 and got a real hand painted boogie bird!! It was supposedly worth $100, but I couldn’t imagine paying that, it was so small. About 2” x 2”, possibly smaller.

I’m super excited to finally start a collection of his, and super thankful that its been free so far J.

You MUST check out his work! I also have a link to his blog from mine.  I will post pics of the works I have, eventually… But this one is pretty close.


Feb 06, 2011 in Art, Uncategorized

I recently was enticed to become a member of the Minneapolis Art Institute (amazing art museum) and in doing so, received a free ticket to their new Titian exhibit, opening party which was a masquerade party where masks were encouraged.  The art was to be a little risqué so we thought of our dear friends Joe and Julia who practically live next door to the MIA and invited them to join us.  I used my new fancy membership to get a large discount on the remaining tickets.

The party was blast! They had big lights and chain curtains everywhere. There was a DJ thumping music and hired dancers scattered throughout the area, and of course, overpriced mini bars every 20 feet.

Masks were strongly encouraged so I made masks for Mike and I by printing famous artwork onto silk and then gluing them to masks from a hobby store. Freaking awesome!!

Lots of people were dressed up. I’m pretty sure a number of people pulled out their old prom and/or bridesmaid dresses.  Some people were even in period costumes.  Lots of people had masks.  Some were simple purchased ones, some were lame homemade ones and some were insanely elaborate.

Much fun was had by all. I will definitely be attending more events like that!

Oh yeah – the art was awesome too :)