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Finally finished the Harry Potter series

Apr 13, 2010 in Books

So I finally finished the Harry Potter series…. only 5 years after most people…

I was led to believe, by a co-worker, that the ending to book 7 was stupid. (not including the ’19 years later’ chapter).  She thought it was a cop-out ending. Upon finishing the book, I quite disagree. We talked about it and she totally missed all the big points!!  I thought it was a great ending!! aside from the ’19 years later’, but we’ll come back to that.

I found that the involvement of the story, and how interwoven all the different points were was quite impressive. She had to have been planning the ending as she was writing all the early books. Though in her need to finish the final book in a timely fashion, I believe she missed a few things:

- not actually a miss, but the only annoying thing about the book was that the kids were so stupid in their planning, or lack there of during the first half of the book.

- How did Neville kill the snake with the sword of Gryffindor if it was stolen back at the bank scene? if it was the fake sword, how and why did Neville go to the headmaster’s office to get it?

- I know there was another point here, but I’m totally forgetting it at the moment.

In the ’19 years later’:

- It didn’t address the fact that Harry was the Godfather of Lupin and Tonk’s kid. Harry should have become his guardian, but it just says that the kid comes over for dinner a lot. Who’s raising him? Grandma? all by herself?

- I don’t think she should have jumped 19 years ahead when the only purpose it served was to say who got married and what they named their kids and that Hogwarts was back in business. It would have been just as good if they only went 2-3 years into the future and picked up when the ladies were pregnant and perhaps they talk about what they’ll name their kids and blah blah blah. It would be easier to expand on if she writes more HP, which she says she might. and it would be easier for the movie’s sake, and the reader would not feel so far removed.

- Fred needs to come back as a ghost at Hogwarts. He and Peeves could try to out-do each other.

Part of me thinks I misread some of it though… I’ll have to review.

So in my search through my home library to find Animal Farm or 1984, I stumbled upon Alice in Wonderland. Might as well keep up with my attempt to read books before movies! I’m barely in to it, but I’m loving it so far.

What to read next?

Apr 01, 2010 in Books

I’m finishing Harry Potter 6 today and I’ll probably finish 7 over the weekend or early next week.

What do I read next?! I finished all the Anne Rice books I care to read for a while. Now I’m finishing Harry Potter…

I could go on to more fiction.  I could go for non fiction.  Perhaps a classic of some sort?