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Beep Beep (honk honk) Beep Beep (honk honk)

Feb 27, 2010 in Car Search

My Horn went Beep Beep Beep

I finally had enough of the Bonneville being broken and the fix it guy finally bought it off me for a good price. Yay! but sad too, that was the bitchin’est car ever.

So now I’m car shopping again! This can only mean one thing – more singing! (to the tune of where oh where has my little dog gone)

Oh what oh what could my next car be? oh what oh what could it be? a 4 door, a hatch or an SUV? what oh what could it be?

We have a bunch of wants and don’t wants, but sadly i think there are nearly 100 vehicles that fit our criteria, especially when you factor in all the different years or engine types per model etc. freaking daunting as hell. So we started a list, we’re not checking it twice yet, but we are keeping track of which are naughty and which are nice… more song… The list is overwhelming to say the least. so we’re going to drive a bunch today and see if that can help us narrow it down. I’ll probably start a page on here to track our progress and log our likes/dislikes.

If anyone has any awesome tips on how to find a good deal or good or bad things you’ve heard about cars etc, let me know!