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Mar 07, 2010 in Carrie Me

Carrie Me is getting off the ground!

So I think you know how this all started, but I’ll summarize quickly. Peace Coffee is a local coffee roaster that’s all organic and free trade and all about the green movement. They even deliver their stuff on bikes or with biofuel vehicles. They have lots and lots of burlap from all the beans and don’t care to just throw it away. So they needed someone to make stuff out of it. Some climbing friends have connections with them and got me in talks to make chalk bags. Several weeks ago I picked up a load of burlap and set to work on some prototypes.

I met with them on Friday to show them off and hopefully get a gig going. They liked them! A couple of their employees are big time climbers so they really like the bridge between their coffee and climbing. They can’t buy my stuff and keep an inventory because they have more of that than the can handle at the moment, and I can totally understand that. So what they want me to do is to open my store on Etsy and then they will do an article on Carrie Me in one of their newsletters and have links on their website to my store. So basically, I can sell at retail price, keep all the money, and get free advertising!! How did I manage to luck out like that?! I have to makeĀ  couple for their climbing employees and they will be forced to promote me! Peace Coffee sponsers a lot of different groups and therefore get to set up promo tables at their events, so anytime they are at a climbing event, which is often, I will be there next to them promoting myself and raking in the dough!

Pinch me!

Now, I must get back to sewing like a mad woman.

PS. I updated the car search page, check it out and let me know your thoughts!