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Orthopaedic Appointment

May 10, 2011 in Doctors

I went to an Orthopaedic Doc today and was not impressed.

I went in stating that I had upper neck and upper back pain and he asked which I’d want to fix if I could only fix one. I said the neck and therefore, that is all he dealt with. This is the spine we’re taking about! It’s all connected! If one part isn’t functioning properly or is mis-aligned, then you can’t expect another part to heal without all of the pieces functioning! What doctor doesn’t know that?!

He read my MRI report but didn’t look at the images, which I understand most doctors are not trained in that, but I also have a strong feeling that something was misread in the MRI.

He barely asked me any questions, and didn’t seem to care at all. He did a joke of an examination and just assumed the neck problem was spinal only and referred me on to someone else. I only had a ‘pain level of 3′ today (didn’t get to address the days when its close to 10) so I think that he treated me with an expertise and caring level of 3.

After the joke examination, he said there are a few options. He started with saying that I could get a surgery to burn off all the nerve endings so I wouldn’t feel the pain anymore. After talking about it a while, and probably reading my reaction, he said he thought that was overkill. No shit Sherlock! I’d prefer to fix the problem than to burn off my nerves! Killing the messenger does not make the problem go away!

He strongly considered sending me to physical therapy (which is probably best in my opinion) but instead went with Physicians Neck and Back Clinic which only deals with strengthening the areas. I figure they can help in some areas, but something is still very wrong in my neck that I firmly belive needs to be fixed before strengthening can help.

More and more, I feel my neck injury is a tendon or other connecting tissue, but this guy wouldn’t even listen or try to isolate the problem. I did not receive a diagnosis, just 5 minutes time and a referral. And we wonder why healthcare is so expensive these days.

He asked me if I had any questions, but all I could come up with was ‘why do you suck so much’, so I let it be and got the hell out. I left irate. I’m looking for answers, not bullshit. So the search continues…

Neck Pain Update

Apr 19, 2011 in Doctors

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my major neck ‘injury’. I stretched, my neck popped, and forever hurt like hell and no chiropractor could fix it. The acupuncturist helped the most, but it still isn’t right.

Well I’ve had a flare up this week with neck pain in general. To the point where it actually makes me feel physically ill, slightly dizzy and nauseous even. So back to my regular chiropractor I go. However, on Saturday, my dear friend Kate was telling me about her severe neck problems and a new doctor she’s been seeing that she absolutely loves. I asked her for his info and she made me promise to call him if she gave me his info. She’s aware that I’ve been putting off calling someone else. When nothing worked, I just got discouraged and stopped looking.

I got his info and I have an appointment for May 10th. He’s hard to get in to and is out of the way to go to, but I don’t care anymore. So, here’s hoping I’ve found the answer. Here’s hoping he can not only fix my neck, but either fix or point me in the right direction to fixing my shoulder and wrists also.

If I can get all fixed up, I might actually be able to climb again. I went from climbing 5.11 with 5.12′s looking possible, to only climbing 5.7′s-5.9′s, with no hope for improvement.  (For those who don’t know – 5.5 is basic beginner stuff, 5.7 is easy, 5.9 moderate, 5.12 is the beginning of advanced. 5.15 is top of the scale, only a few people in the world can do it) I would really like to get on some 5.11′s again.

Another Update

Aug 03, 2010 in Acupuncture, Doctors

I got the MRI results for my neck and wrists! I was able to get the report on line, but it’s all Greek to me… So far the doc has interpreted the neck results via voice mail, but haven’t heard from him on the wrists yet. There’s a lot of explanation in the report, but here are the conclusions as written by the radiologists:


  1. Mild Spondylosis and dorsal bulging at multiple levels.
  2. Recumbent left upper thoracic convexity.
  3. Mild facet arthropathy on the right at c2-3 and c4-5 and bilaterally at c3-4.
  4. No fracture, osseous neoplasm or infection.
  5. No intrinsic cod abnormality, including no syrinx, mass or myelomalacia.

English – some disc bulging and some signs of arthritis. Wee!!

Left Wrist:

  1. Soft tissue ganglion cyst along the dorsum of the scaphoid.
  2. Slight ulna plus variance, whithout bony changes of ulnar abutment. Slender 3mm perforation through tthe central portion on the TFC. Small distal radioulnar effusion.
  3. Intrinsic ligaments of the wrist are normally intact. No significant tendon pathology.
  4. No acute fracture or osseous contusion. No osteochondral lesion.

English – still waiting for the translation, but the doc had figured I had a ganglion cyst. I really want surgery for it, but we’ll see.

Right Wrist:

  1. Ulna plus variance. Associated marrow edema signal within the ulna and adjacent lunate, in keeping with developing ulnar abutment. Mild DJD of the distal radioulnar joing.
  2. Marked thinning of the central TFC due to the ulna plus variance. Chronic incomplete sprain or degeneration along its ulnar aspec.
  3. Chronic healed or incomplete scapholunate ligament sprain. Small ganglion cyst within the fibers.
  4. No significant tendon pathology.

English – Still awaiting translation. Again with the ganglion cyst, but the right doesn’t bother me near as much as the left, so I would not consider surgery there. Some of the other stuff sounds interesting though.

Very interested to hear what the doc has to say about everything and how he recommends treating everything.

HOWEVER – I just went to my acupuncturist yesterday for the first time in 6 years (loooooong overdue). I went for some minor emotional issues (I’ve been very irritable and mentally exhausted lately) but also went for the neck and back pain. (btw, I recently pulled something in my back…) I had needles all over in my neck and head and upper back, it was great. I slept great last night. Usually my neck pain bothers me in the night and I can’t get comfy. No neck pain over night! Back still bothered me a bit though. Got up this morning and my neck is feeling the best it’s felt since this whole thing started. I would say it got about 70% better overnight!!! I love acupuncture!!

Conclusion – I am having a fantabulous day today. The neck is feeling better, and I finally have answers from my MRI so I should be able find the correct treatments for everything now. Or just live at the acupuncturists office. I’m ok with that, except for the cost aspect…

Overdue Update

Jul 18, 2010 in Doctors

Ugh, where does time go?! I can’t believe I went so long with out an update.

So here we go – I am having problems with C1 to skull alignment (as I suspected) and the doc adjusts that every time. He’s also doing a lot of soft tissue work with different types of massage. Very very painful sports massage type stuff. Hurts so good. But after a couple months with this new doc, the main ‘base’ pain is still there. It never goes away. Treatment helps calm muscles and whatnot but never gets rid of the pain that is at the core of it all.

Though while I was bored on our long drive on vacation, I was getting mad at the pain and vigorously massaged the painful area, plus the surrounding area which the doc never touches. And the pain was gone!! but only for about 5 minutes… but perhaps I’m getting somewhere. All in all, I don’t know if the doc is helping. I don’t know if it’s purely chiropractic anymore. Perhaps the pop I heard when this whole mess began, was not a subluxation, but actually a muscle or tendon doing something horribly wrong. I don’t know and I’m not really sure what to do about it. I think I’ll bug my friend that’s a physical therapist and see what he thinks…

Pain Pain Go Away

Jun 09, 2010 in Doctors

On April 19th, at 6ish am,I got up and started getting ready for work. My neck was super stiff and sore so I was stretching a bit when I heard a ‘pop’.  Instantly I knew that it was a very bad pop. For those who know me well this might seem odd as I tend to pop my own neck on a semi-regular basis. But this one was bad. Nothing like I had felt before. There was instant inflammation and every muscle in my neck seized up.

At that hour, there’s not much I could do. I called my regular chiropractor and left a message that I needed to get in as soon as possible. They didn’t open till 8 so I laid down and tried to sleep. While laying down certainly relieved some of the pain, it wasn’t enough to let me sleep. Luckily the chiro office called me at 7:15 and said come in as soon as I could, even though it was before the office opened. Woo Hoo!

I got there and the regular doc was on vacation so there was a substitute. He worked on me for a while, but everything was so inflamed that he couldn’t do much. I saw him again the next day and my regular chiro several times for the next couple weeks. The inflammation went down, but this stabbing pain where my neck meets my head was (and still is) there anytime I moved my head. Every time I went to the chiro I would point to the spot that hurt and every time he would adjust a spot lower and it wouldn’t help. The kicker was that he thought he fixed it.

Enough of that, I need a second opinion. So I go to the Spine and Sports Institute. The lead chiro there was the official chiropractor for the US olympic team in Vancouver, so I figure they’ve got to be good. Not only would they be able to work on my neck, but my shoulder and wrist too since they know their sports stuff. AND Dave, a neighbor from back in the dorm days, is also a doc there. So I’m pretty excited to go. I end up seeing one of the other docs at the clinic though.

The shoulder is getting a lot better, the wrist is not and the main problem of the neck is not only not getting better, but possibly worse. Since last Thursday, the pain gets so bad that it actually makes me feel sick. It’s making work a challenge since I’d rather go to bed and never move again. Last friday I got x-rays and can’t wait until tomorrow to see them and what the doc has to say.

I did some of my own research and firmly believe that I have a C1-skull subluxation. While not all that rare, it’s apparently difficult to find someone to diagnose it. We’ll see if this guy figures it out. I’m betting not.  Luckily I have found a couple specialists in the area (there are only 2) so I should be able to find help if that truly is my problem. Bummer is that the insurance doesn’t cover them… Here’s some info on what I believe to be the problem. Kinda crazy creepy stuff.

I’ll update after tomorrow’s appointment.

Back to the Doc

Mar 25, 2010 in Doctors

My so called eczema has been going crazy for the past couple weeks. I’m nearly covered head to toe in red splotches. I call them my polka-dots and try to pretend they are just a part of some really cool print body suit. The meds aren’t helping and it’s spreading so I figure I ought to go back to the doc. Couldn’t get in for 3 weeks! By then I’d just be one solid mass of red! Luckily I was able to convince the appointment desk to let me see a different doc at a different location, but still the same company.

So I see the new doc today and he says there is no way it’s eczema, though admitted he would have gone with the same diagnosis when I only had 10 spots. Now that I can’t begin to count them all, it must be something else. He thinks its probably some crazy viral infection that actually starts as a head cold months earlier, then looks like eczema, goes away and then comes back as full body spots. That is a very weird virus. But just to be sure, he decided to biopsy it, as it could be other thigns. While I was not fond of getting a hole punched in my gut, I do appreciate the fact that I will get a final, definite diagnosis. That’s much better than trying a dozen different remedies before stumbling upon the one that worked. And while he was checking out all the spots, he came across 4 moles that he didn’t think should stay on me, so he biopsied those too. Luckily they were not punched out like the red spot, so I only had 2 stitches today. 2 removed moles happen to be on my side under my bra line, so wearing a bra is not all that fun today.

If it is this crazy virus he spoke of, he said it will wear itself out and go away on its own. Well that could be a while, not to mention that it leaves behind a ‘temporary scar’. It looks like a scar and takes a long time to go away, but it will go away eventually. At least they’re not permanent.

But acupuncture should help speed things up, so I think I need to go do that. I just don’t want to pay for it because the stupid insurance company won’t cover it. erg.

General Practice Doctors Suck

Feb 22, 2010 in Doctors

So last week Wednesday, I notice a red splotch on my arm, the size of a dime. It has a ring around it, kinda looks like a burn, but know I didn’t burn it, so I figured it wasn’t just an abrasion or rope burn (common from climbing). I decide to watch it for a while. It gets kinda gross and starts to look like an open wound. Ok, so I should probably go to the doctor. On Sunday I find5-6 more spots on my shoulders, back and chest. Crap. So I decide Sunday night that if I find anymore in the morning, I will go to the doctor. Not even an hour later, I find one on my leg! It was decided, I go to the doctor first thing Monday morning.

Wake up Monday morning. Call the regular doc to ask for a referral to a dermatologist and skip my regular doctor. They tell me who to call. I call them, but they can’t get me in on the same day and think I should go to my regular doc today. grr. So I go to my regular doc and he says, it’s not ringworm, so it’s probably eczema. So I’m to try steroid creams and if it doesn’t work to go to a dermatologist, because at that point he wouldn’t know what it is (he honestly said that). So he gives me the drugs AND refers me to a dermatologist right away. He doubts his own diagnosis! I can see that he really doesn’t think he’s correct. So why did I just waste a doctors co-pay and a prescription co-pay on a visit and drugs I know to be bull shit?!

General Practice doctors do not understand dermatological issues. Every time I ask them about something, they get a scared look on their face and refer me. Every time they do try to fix an issue, it ends up worse. So why not just tell me right away that I’m wasting everyone’s time and money to see a regular doc and get me into a dermatologist right away. It might, oh, I don’t know, stop it from getting worse!!