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The Kehn’s Luau

Jan 30, 2011 in Event

Last night, we had our Luau party.  It was a blast!! I think we had close to 40 people show up.  I made pulled pork for sandwiches and a traditional Hawaiian spam ‘sushi’ roll.  Odd, but actually quite good.  We also had 2 kegs of Mikes homebrew of tap.  Everyone brought yummy eats and good drinks including homemade pina coladas served in coconuts.  One awesome guest even brought a platter of hand carved fruits.  Very cool.

The house was full of decorations.  I made my first fake flower arrangement because it was cheaper than really tropical flowers.  I had cheap real flowers in every room.  Shells and palm leaves everywhere and I even made a bunch of bunting that was hanging everywhere I could possibly hang it.

Nearly everyone came in Hawaiian and/or beach attire.  One woman was in a bikini, one guy was in a shell bra and grass skirt and another grass skirt was passed around to those that did not follow the dress code.

Nearly every room of the house was overflowing with people.  The office had the beer and Hawaiian music playing on our new awesome computer, and our small, uninhabited, fish tank served as a cooler.  Even though we have a tiny Kitchen, it was packed with people.  The dining room had all the eats, so that was full.  The living room was full because that’s where the seating was.  There was a limbo stick in the living room, but no one used it… probably because there were too many people.  The art room upstairs was hit or miss.  Sometimes it was empty, and sometimes it was full.  We had a sandbox in there and people made castles and a very sexy naked lady with shells for nipples and a lobster toy for her nether regions…  The art room really filled up once people found the hula hoops.  Everyone crowded in to the point where there was only inches to spare once the hula hoop got spinning.  Very fun, everyone had a good laugh.  Some people were actually very talented at it.

We only had one or two people get a little too drunk, but otherwise it was a very good time. And the best part – Everyone got Lei’d!